Company Profile


A Human resource Development company - HOWZ INTERNATIONAL

 "H" in HOWZ stands for Good Habits (Possessing Good Habits)
 "O" in HOWZ stands for Noble Obligations (Possessing a high sense of responsibility)  
 "W" in HOWZ stands for Strong Will (Possessing a strong will)
 At HOWZ, we strive to develop human talents of such qualities.
Office Address

138 Robinson Road #16-09 The corporate office
Singapore 068906

Telephone Number

Singapore (65) 62209754
China (0755) 86616701

FAX Singapore (65) 62209754
China (0755) 86616701
Location Singapore (Headquarters),China & Japan
Company Representative Yuasa Tadao
Business Activities Trainings targeted at local employees working in Japanese companies 
(Open public & In-house training)
On-site consultancy for Japanese companies in Asia
Publications of various languages  (English, Mandarin etc), DVD training materials
Training Specialisation 【For Local Employees】
・Managerial skills for coaching subordinates
・5S, Promotion of Kaizen Activity & On Site consultancy
・Selling Skills & Capabilities
【For Japanese】
・Coaching as managers
・Management Competency
・Management English
Characteristics of Training 1) Training content that is practical, familiar to and well applicable for Japanese companies in Asia
2) Messages which business executives strive to drive into its workforce
3) Training content offers different perspectives on how to think about and see things
Regions Covered Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam
Thailand, Philippines, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan
Representative Yuasa Tadao
Conducted training for local employees of Japanese companies across Asia for more than 10 years.
Contibuted to the development of local employees by conducting specialized trainings on themes such as "Horenso" "People Management" (coaching of subordinate particularly), 5S and sales related trainings.
Previously was Managing Director of PHP International Singapore Pte Ltd.
Established HOWZ International - a Human Resource Development Company
Main Publications
" Management Handbook" (English, Mandarin)
" Case studies on Horenso" (English, Mandarin)
" A handbook on Coaching" (Japanese)
【For Local Employees】
"Horenso & PDCA"," How to coach your subordinates" "Execution of 5S" & "Selling Skills"
【For Japanese Employees】
"Coaching for local employees" "Management English"

Feedback from participants

(Local & Japanese employees)

" Program is enriched with many case studies. A a very practical training which I can start applying from tomorrow "
" I finally understand why my superior stresses so much importance on Horenso"”
"Highly participative program that a day's training just passed so quickly! "

" I learnt a lot because of the trainer's sharing of his extensive experiences"

Some of our Corporate Clients (In-House trainings)

【South East Asia】
Three Bond Singapore / Teijin Singapore / Bridgestone Asia Pacific / Panasonic Asia / Bank of Yokyo Mitsubishi UFJ / Nok Singapore /Shinetsu Singapore / Toto Malaysia / Kokuyo Malaysia / Onkyo Malaysia  / Panasonic Malaysia / Bridgestone Armstrong /Hino Motors Malaysia/ Nagase Malaysia/ Murata Electrics / Suzuki Finance Indonesia / BOT Finance & Others
【East Asia】
Pioneer Hong Kong Shenzhen / Dalian Hitachi Machinery & Equipment Co Ltd /   /Bandai Hong Kong / Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd Beijing / Rohm Taiwan / Tsumura Shenzhen / Nagase & Co., Ltd / Brother China Ltd (Shenzhen) & Others