Voices from Participants

The followings are some extracts of the feedback received from past participants.

"I learnt a lot more than just about Horenso itself "(Malaysia KL)

"It was a big change of perspective for me personally! "(China・Dalian)

"I feel much better! I will change my way of communication methods with my superior from tomorrow!(Singapore)

"It was very easy to understand. I can start applying the techniques on my subordinates from tomorrow. "(Malaysia)

"I want to try combining "YES" & "AND" in my actions from now"(China・Shenzhen)

"This is my 3rd time participating in the program and each time, there is a new discovery for me. I realized that there is some much deep insights in a piece of job." (China Shanghai)

" I can fully understand the intentions of my Japanese superior now. From tomorrow, I will start applying the “I” message" in our

"While it's really difficult to guide and coach people, I have begin to understand that it is also a worthwhile experience". (Malaysia)

"A program that has opened a door to the unknowns for me." (Hong Kong)

" I could relate to the trainer's positiveness and cheerfulness" (Taiwan)