Training Solutions

[ For Local Employees ]

Horenso & PDCA

The correct way to work involves 4 major perspectives, ranging from "keeping a sense of ownership by parties concerned", "reporting unfavorable news as soon as feasible" and "Horenso"
Horenso is about 5W2H while Kaizen arises from awareness and recognition of daily issues around the workplace.

How to coach your subordinates

This course covers topics on superiors' motivation to coach their subordinates, how to set the pace to lead, how to engage their subordinates to practise Horenso, how to ensure that a superior and a subordinate share common and aligned goals together.

Sales activities through Role Play/strong

This course offer advices on communication techniques to apply when facing rejections and how to establish a win-win negotiation with the customer, how to practise Horenso that builds business opportunities and how to respond to claims or complaints effectively.

5S activities through real life examples

This course offers solutions on how to reduce wastage, irrationality & irregularity. The point to trigger and kick start 5S from tomorrow, case studies on how to identify problems & issues and creating a workplace that makes a difference.

Management training for local employees & Mid level managers

This program offers insights into a consolidation of experiences gathered from Japanese management personnel, Horenso 4 necessary job required of any manager, Horenso practices required of mid level managers, how to establish good relations at the workplace and how to develop your subordinates.


【For Japanese 】

A training to enhance management competencies of Japanese Managers

Coaching - How to communicate with local employees

Management English for superiors who need to communciate in English effectively